2017 Duel in the Desert Rates and FAQ

DAILY PASSES ARE NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL THE RESPECTIVE DAY OF THE EVENT. For Example: Passes for Thursday, November 9, 2017 are available on November 9, 2017, and so on.

The Duel in the Desert from The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be featured LIVE on IMCA.TV November 8-11, 2017. We have listed some frequent questions that are asked as we gear up for this massive event.

What Passes allow for Live Viewing of the Duel in the Desert?

Monthly and Yearly Passes for November 8, 2017: Practice

Daily and Yearly Passes for November 9, 10, 11

What is the Daily/Yearly Pass Cost?

$39.99 Per Day November 9, 10
$49.99 Per Day November 11 (Final Night)
$299.99 Per Year
25% Automatic Discount (sign in first) to all current Monthly Subscribers on All Daily Passes

Do you offer an Event/Week Pass?

We offer a Yearly Subscription as our only multiple event pass. We do not offer an Event/Week Pass for any events.

Can I watch REPLAY with my Monthly Pass?

Yes, just like normal. Most races are available minutes after the race is complete.


We are streaming in High Quality. All alternate feeds are streamed with different providers to ensure a flawless viewing experience each night. If you have a broadcast issue the BEST thing to do is try an alternate player first before contacting customer support.

How long is the Yearly Pass? End of Year or?

The Yearly Pass is good until the next year from date of purchase. For example: 9/26/17 purchase will be good until 9/26/18. The Yearly Pass will automatically renew on that date unless canceled in advance.

More Questions?

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